Valentine Gifts for the Student Nurse in Your Life

Consider this fair warning and an ample amount of time to shower your future RN with love!

Being a student nurse myself, I know a thing or two about what others might want for that special day. No sweetie? No worries! Ladies, let’s shower our fellow future RNs on Galentine’s Day (February 13)!

Without further hesitation, let’s get to this STAT!

Badge Decor

Student nurses – and licensed nurses – typically have to wear at least the same color scrubs/uniform, so having a little something to show personality and add style never goes unappreciated. Etsy shop Badge Beauties does just that! Shop owner, Amber, has literally hundreds of badge buttons from floral, to medical puns, to cheeky sayings that will resonate with every personality! They are reasonably priced and you can purchase badge reels as well, so stock up! Buy one for every season, one for each shift, or maybe one for each of your personalities (ha!).


Each student nurse has their own method of studying. I’m personally a visual learner. I love to have a textbook in front of me, but five-year-old me goes crazy and has so much fun making colorful study guides to increase the chances of something sticking in my already full brain. Sharpie ultra fine markers can take normal notes and turn them into something memorable. PLUS – always a great idea to have a Sharpie on hand at clinical to label those bedpans, urinals, and toilet hats!

Carryall Bag

Being a nurse is a bit like being Mary Poppins – you better make sure you have a bag large enough to hold everything and anything. I love Lululemon’s Go Getter Bag in heathered black. It comes with a pocket large enough to put a 15” laptop and 25L of additional storage. If you’re looking for something more personal, Etsy has a ton of options for monogrammed/personalized totes. My only suggestion is make sure whatever you decide on has a zipper!

Personalized Yeti

Before I had my own little collection of Yetis, I used to think they were so overrated. I was fooled! As a nurse, it’s important to remember to hydrate on those long shifts. Not only does Yeti keep your drinks cold all day, but coffee will stay hot for hours. When I was in marketing, I’d fill my 30 oz. tumbler with coffee and it’d still be hot when my shift was over at 5PM. Yeti’s website has a custom shop that allows you to get creative and let your nurse’s cup stand out from others at the hydration station. **I have a 30 oz tumbler, 20 oz tumbler, and 10 oz wine tumbler and LOVE them all!


You’re probably thinking that jewelry is the typical Valentine’s Day gift, but I will never turn down something shiny from Dogeared. Dogeared’s collections feature dainty pieces for all types. Each piece tells a different story and allows your Future RN to show the side of her that patients and coworkers/peers may not know.

Student Nurses – I’d love your input – what are you wishing for this V-Day? RNs, I’d love to hear your suggestions as well! Share your thoughts with me!

xoxo- Brit

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