My First Fix

Friends! I thought about getting Stitch Fix for literally over a year and finally caved, scheduled my first box, and it’s here! I had so many excuses and reasons not to get it, money/school being the most prominent, but my overwhelming dread of terribly lit fitting rooms and shopping for clothes in general won the battle. And the fact that all I know these days are scrubs, so I needed some help with “real” clothes.

I loved the entire process that Stitch Fix implemented. When you sign up, they’ll basically go over everything fashion-wise for you. You’ll take a style quiz and fill out all your sizes and measurements that will assist your personal stylist in the choosing of your items. You can also choose the occasion you want the clothes for like day-to-day, date night, work, etc. There’s honestly so many things that your style profile goes over, but my favorite was probably the fact that I could attach my own personal Pinterest fashion board because I’m never going to pin something I absolutely hate and wouldn’t want in my own closet.

Another great perk of Stitch Fix is the opportunity to set your budget. Say you normally spend $40 on a top, you can set that in your profile. On the other hand, jeans may be something you splurge on, so you can mark that budget as a higher price. Also, Stitch Fix can either be a regular in your life (sent monthly, quarterly, etc…) or you can get your Fix whenever you want!

Okay, enough of the process of getting to your box (go on Stitch Fix’s site and do your style profile. It’s free and you don’t have to get a box right away). I’d say the process of actually paying my $20 stylist fee to getting the box was about two weeks. When I arrived at home and saw the box, I was actually surprised about how small and compact it was! It was very well branded (for all my marketing friends) and everything inside was secure and dry! Upon opening there was a cute envelope with a card inside and a foldable kind of vision board of the items enclosed and different ways to wear them. My personal stylist, Anna, also left a note welcoming me to the Stitch Fix family. How sweet!

Now the fun stuff – the contents! So I can’t remember exactly what I said I wanted the items for but I’m sure it was something along the lines of casual, but could wear on a date (like out to dinner with my parents hahaha). In my box, I received:

Colette – Romney Cold Shoulder Knit Top

Out of the entire box, this was probably my least favorite thing. The shirt was super soft and would go with so many outfits, but the sleeves were the largest issue for me. I love shirts that are actual off the shoulder, but this one had slots down the sleeves that I am not a fan of. It was also very boxy on my figure which wasn’t flattering.

FORTUNE + IVY – Lighton ZIP Detail Blouse

I’m definitely doing these in order of dislike to love. So this top is definitely pretty, I just think it’s not exactly my style. My stylist did tell me to try everything on because you never know, so I did that. It fit well and I know it’d be super versatile, but it just didn’t scream me. I wasn’t in love. The silver on the faux pockets and the zipper just weren’t my taste. Nor was the all mesh front. But, it’s ok. It gets better. Plus, everything I don’t like gives my stylist an ideas for future fixes!

Kate Spade– Pave Princess Cut Studs

Don’t pretty earrings just make your day? Confession – I’m pretty sure I barely change the ones I have in because I’m always losing just one and have such sensitive ears. I’m really excited about these earrings and will definitely keep them. They’ll go with so many outfits that I have, plus they’re studs, so I can wear them to school 🙌🏼 Only downside is I know if I wear them overnight, I will wake up with irritated/infected ears.

Kaileigh – Adalia Knit Jumpsuit

I kept hearing so much about jumpsuits on Girls Gotta Eat and had no idea what all the hype was about! This jumpsuit is so soft and cute but I have no idea what to do! As you know, I live in Western New York, so such thing wont be wearable until like June. I’m also debating on if I would like a jumpsuit more if it were fitted at the top and maybe a solid color? So, do I take the risk of having it sit in my closet and not wear it at all? Or save the money and put it toward a future Fix? Ughhhh fashion dilemma. My Grandma always told me if it’s an item I walk out of a store without buying and can’t stop thinking about it, buy it. Otherwise, not meant to be. I feel like I just answered my own question by typing all of that out.

And finally…

Prosperity – Avalie Distressed Skinny Jean

I love these jeans! When I held them up, I thought there was noooo way I was getting myself into them. Eyes lied to me, they slid right on like it was meant to be. Not only were they the perfect fit, but they are so soft and just the right amount of rise and distress. Isn’t the wash pretty, too? I really can’t wait to wear them because GAP is literally the only place I can find that fit me exactly how I want.

There you have it, friends! As always, I have a referral code that will give me AND you $25 towards your first fix!

Referral code:

**All you need to enter is brittanydavies1

Share it with your friends, your coworkers, moms, sisters, anyone!

It’s so fun and I would love you all to join the Stitch Fix family with me!

Happy styling!


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