Money Maker Monday: Poshmark

Welcome to my first Money Maker Monday! As you may know, I am once again a college student, so finding anyway here and there to make some extra money (easily and morally!) is a win-win in my book. My first MMM features an easy app that allows you to clean out your closet (or if you’re like me, any closet in your current home), sell unwanted items, and make a few extra spending or saving dollars! Here we go!

Ladies, I know some of you are in the “always a bridesmaid sisterhood” and have some real beauts hanging in your closet taking up valuable space, bringing up memories of too much champagne, and thoughts of “did I really wear This?!” Yes, you did and the proof is in those eternal wedding photos. Point aside, fear no more – there’s an app right on your phone where you can easily put clothing up for sale.

Poshmark is quick and easy from download to account creation to sale/purchase. Once your account is all set up, it’s time to go Marie Kondo on your wardrobe and get rid of anything that:

a.) doesn’t fit, b.) is no longer your style, c.) you’re sick of wearing, d.) doesn’t bring you joy, e.) all of the above

After you have your inventory gathered, upload as many pictures as you want of the clothing and complete a list of identifying factors that will make your items easily searchable to other Poshers.

Organizing! One of the best feelings!

Once you do make your first sale (YAY!), the process is just as easy. Poshmark will send you a prepaid USPS priority 3-day label, package your item, include a little thank you note to your buyer, drop item off to be mailed, and you’re done!

Check out my closet on Poshmark at @bdavies227. You can also see my items on my Pinterest board (@bdavies227).

Use my referral code, BDAVIES227, to receive a $5 credit when creating a new account with Poshmark.

Happy Poshing, friends!


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