Bedroom Transformation

Welcome to my first post!

Last May I went through a major life change, packed my entire life up into my Jetta, and left a house that was in the process of becoming my home. When I arrived back at my parent’s house in NY, I had a ton of emotional baggage, but barely any physical – ha!

Lucky for me, my room was vacant and just the way I left it in high school. The terrible paint color I just had to have was still there and my hot pink curtains on a tension rod reminded me of my college dorm room.

Ever since I’ve had the freedom to make a space my own, I’ve developed a style that focuses on soft colors in the blue, grey, and green families (that’s the Pisces in me). I adore Joanna Gaine’s and the farmhouse style, but love putting my own twist on it.

My first major change was paint color. The initial color was something I had picked out from a Pottery Barn Teen magazine. I don’t even know how to describe the color. It reminds me somewhat of a large eraser you’d use in elementary school. The color I had chose to repaint is called Dolphin Fin by Behr. While living in Louisiana, I had painted the office that color and completely fell in love with it. I wanted the color to convey calmness and remain versatile with my constant need to change pieces in my room.

After the paint change, the tension rod and hot pink curtains came down and were replaced with a curtain rod with mercury glass accents purchased from Kohl’s and neutral curtains.

From there, I focused on my desktop. I love a lot of light, so I picked up a table lamp from Target as well as a daily-flip calendar, a Glade wax warmer to mask some of the dog in my room (#dogmomproblems), and finished it off with some accents I already had like mirrored picture frames from Homegoods and a Boulangerie candle in sweet vanilla cinnamon purchased from Anthropologie.

I’m not a huge fan of clutter on my desk, so I had my brother pick me up two 36” Threshold floating shelves at Target. I put my favorite pictures frames with pics of my pups and flowers, once again from HomeGoods, on each shelf. From there I added accents like another Boulangerie candle in whipped cream & pear, a farmhouse spice candle from Big Lots, another Cinnamon caramel swirl candle from Bath and Body Works, my degree from Bonaventure, and various other trinkets that I love as well as added color. I plan on changing this seasonally to add some variation throughout the year.

On my wall over my bed, I got rid of the chalkboard wall that my sister and I would once draw things on and write messages to one another. Since the wall was large and empty, I picked up a canvas picture at Big Lots. I’m actually surprised by the cute things you can find there time-to-time! Eventually I hope to purchase a bedframe to tie everything together and a new, tall dresser since those were some of the things I had to leave behind in LA.

Overall, I’m really happy with the progress and love feeling of calmness and home that it brings to me – especially with a busy semester coming up!

Share your home transformation pictures with me and feel free to comments, share pieces, and additional changes you think would add to my room!

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